New generators arrive in Masset Friday

  • Aug. 5, 2009 3:00 p.m.

Watch out for a 150-tonne crane on the road in the wee morning hours tomorrow (Friday). If all goes as planned, BC Hydro’s new diesel generators will dock in at the barge landing site south of Masset around 2:00 am on Aug. 7 along with the massive crane that will move them into position. George Ingham of United Power Ltd., the company contracted to get units here, says the convoy will take up two lanes as it heads to the BC Hydro substation near Masset’s airport. “People will be surprised if they this coming down the road,” he says. The three generators are no small potatoes themselves, weighing in at 40 tonnes each. The units, which Mr. Ingham says are the size of railway engines, were carried on three 100-foot trailers from Winnipeg. He’s been tracking their progress and says the long loads were stopped, unable to travel for the long weekend due to BC laws. Mr. Ingham says he has two months to get the generators installed. The old ones are heading to Vancouver on the same barge that brought the new ones. There will be no planned outages as the community is running on portables right now. “If they are not in and operating by November, there won’t be enough power for Masset,” he says.