New relationship meeting held in Old Massett

  • Aug. 28, 2006 5:00 a.m.

Representatives of local Haida governments gathered earlier this month to discuss how $100-million in provincial funding for what is known as “The New Relationship” will be spent.
The New Relationship Trust was established last spring and meetings are being held around the province to gather feedback from First Nations on the fund.
The first of 10 regional meetings was held in Old Massett on August 21.
Around 20 people attended including representatives of the Skidegate and Old Massett bands and the CHN, said Jason Majore, the new band administrator in Old Massett. He said the views of people from Haida Gwaii were videotaped and will be on the New Relationships website.
He said education along with language and culture were the areas islanders identified as in need of funding.
The input from Haida Gwaii and other communities will be used to create a strategic plan for the fund. He says there questionnaires at the Old Massett band office that people can fill out to make their opinion known.
The New Relationship Vision was jointly agreed to by the First Nations Summit, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, the BC Assembly of First Nations, and the Province of BC. The vision outlines a future First Nations based on “respect, recognition, and accommodation of Aboriginal rights and title.”