Next year, a water buffalo?

  • Dec. 19, 2005 6:00 a.m.

One goat-$150, one water buffalo for $700, two rabbits for $35, four rabbits for $70, ducks, clothing, water…what should we do?
This year for the holidays of giving, feasting, friends and family, the Tow Hill kids got together and decided on sending something special to someone less fortunate. A donation bottle went around the community to see how much the kids could get to spend. In only a week’s time one hundred dollars was donated by the kids themselves as well as the families in the community. On Sunday December 18, a kids meeting was held to decide what exactly this money was going towards. The World Vision Christmas Catalogue was circulated, it was an unanimous decision for participants; for exactly $100, two roosters and four hens could be purchased and sent to a person or family anywhere in the world who is in need this holiday season. What a wonderful, thoughtful, considerate decision for a community of kids to decide on for this giving time of year. Next year maybe a water buffalo!