No deposit, no room

  • Oct. 12, 2009 2:00 p.m.

Travellers who want a room on the Northern Adventure will have to provide either a credit card number or a $150 cash deposit from now on, says BC Ferries spokesperson Deborah Marshall. The deposit is intended to stop people from smoking in the rooms, she said. If cleaning staff find that a room has smoke in it, the customer won’t get their deposit back or will be charged on their card. “There have been people smoking in the cabins,” she said. “So we are trying to curtail that.” The same measures have been in place on the Northern Expedition for the summer, but were just introduced on the Northern Adventure in September. The new policy came under fire from Port Clements village council, which discussed it at a meeting last week (Oct. 5). Mayor Cory Delves said he had traveled on the ferry recently, and found the demand that everyone fill out a registration form and provide a credit card number slowed down the process of getting a room. “Myself, I find it kind of offensive that I have to go through that procedure,” he said, noting that he is a life-long non-smoker. “And it really does slow down the process of getting to your room at night when everybody is tired.” Councillor Cam Traplin suggested that all the villages on the islands should complain about the new policy, and council agreed that Mr. Delves should bring the issue to the next regional district meeting. “Just mention the word ‘BC Ferries’ and my blood pressure goes up,” Mr. Traplin said. Ms Marshall said customers can ask for the registration form from the shore staff and fill it out while they are waiting to board the ferry, rather than waiting until they are at the purser’s office. “That would help expedite the process,” she said.