No election for MIMC

  • Mar. 19, 2008 5:00 a.m.

Moresby Island Management Committee members are so satisfied with their longtime chair and vice-chair that they opted not to hold an election this year. Usually, the management committee elects a chair and vice-chair annually from among the committee members. This year, after someone pointed out in February that the committee had forgotten to hold the annual election in January, it was put on the agenda for the March 12 meeting. But when the agenda rolled around to “elections” (item number one under new business) last week, Duane Gould made a motion that the committee “retain the status quo”. The motion was seconded and then passed quickly and unanimously. “You’re the head ying yang,” Mr. Gould told chair Gail Henry after the vote. Ms Henry has been the chair of the management committee for about the past six years and told the Observer she enjoys the post. The vice-chair is Carole Bowler. The motion means that both will continue in their positions until at least November, when local government elections will be held throughout BC.