No one injured as RV burns on Rennell Sound Road

  • Jul. 12, 2013 5:00 a.m.

by Sarah Peerless-The burned out hulk of a former recreational vehicle has been left lying on the side of a logging road after the vehicle caught fire last Friday afternoon on its way to Rennell Sound. Wildfire management branch officer Larry Duke said he got a call about the blaze just before 5 pm on July 5. The fire was almost out when he arrived, he said, but the large RV was entirely scorched and blackened from the flames. The vehicle’s driver was the only occupant. The driver had noticed the flames and after an unsuccessful battle with a fire extinguisher, fled the RV unharmed, Mr. Duke said. Mr. Duke called two other officers to the scene and they sprayed water around the area as a precaution, but he said there was no risk of a wildfire. The cause of the vehicle fire remains a mystery, and Mr. Duke said he has never seen anything like it. “This is the first time I’ve experienced this,” he said. Mr. Duke recommends that RV drivers make sure stoves are switched off and have a working fire extinguisher in the cab at all times. Other drivers going through the area can see the wreck clearly and Mr Duke says it’s off to the side of the road, and won’t cause any traffic problems for now.