No safety lines until spring: Ministry

  • Nov. 21, 2007 12:00 p.m.

Islanders will have to drive carefully between Port Clements and Masset for the rest of the winter, because lines won’t be painted on several patches of new pavement until spring at the earliest. Masset council has written to the Ministry of Transportation about the lack of lines, saying it makes it difficult to navigate the road during dark and rainy conditions. On Friday, Ministry of Transportation Skeena operations manager Randy Penner told the Observer that lines couldn’t be painted this fall because of bad weather, and now they can’t possibly be painted until spring. However, the Skeena office has made the Charlottes its top priority for highway line painting, and Mr. Penner said the company will be here as soon as possible. Right now, the unpainted highway is marked with small lengths of reflective tape for the centre line. There is nothing marking the edges of the road. Mr. Penner said that’s standard, because a dotted line on the side edge could give drivers the impression that the road continued.