No-show educator was at Olympics

  • Mar. 3, 2010 1:00 p.m.

School board chair Wayne Wilson went to a meeting in Victoria last week expecting to hear from deputy education minister James Gorman. But, he told trustees at this week’s school board meeting in Masset, the deputy minister didn’t deliver his scheduled 90-minute speech Friday evening (Feb. 19) to the BC School Trustees Association because he went to the Winter Olympics instead. Trustees held a round table session listening to parent representatives during the time scheduled for Mr. Gorman’s presentation, then proceeded with the rest of the two-day provincial council meeting. At the BC School Trustees Association office in Vancouver, president Connie Denesiuk said trustees were disappointed not to hear from Mr. Gorman, especially given the fact that the provincial budget is coming up. She said Mr. Gorman did give the group a week’s notice that he wouldn’t be able to attend. “My understanding is that he had other engagements,” she said.