No weather records set last year

  • Jan. 9, 2004 1:00 p.m.

Last year was remarkable weather-wise for only one thing-not much snow.
John Davies at the Tlell Observatory has been providing weekly weather data to the Observer since time immemorial (thanks very much, John!); in 2003, he recorded just 5.6 cm of snow. That compares with a more normal 33.2 cm in 2002, for example.
Rainfall last year was somewhat higher; 1401.2 mm compared with 1168.8 mm in 2002, but substantially lower than the record year 1983, when 1491.9 mm of precipitation fell on Tlell.
As well, the highest temperature recorded in 2003 was 25 degrees on June 6, just two degrees warmer than the hottest day of 2002, July 22. As well, the thermometer plunged to minus 8 on March 8 and 10 , 2003, just a bit cooler than the minus 6.5 recorded on two days in March 2002.
None of this takes into account the Christmas Eve storm, which was pretty severe as far as its effects on the islands went.