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North Coast community organizations benefit from $50,000 in NSCU donations

Initiatives displaying ‘neighbours helping neighbours’ were recognized
Northern Savings Credit Union made a donation to Ecotrust Canada of $3,000 from the INSPIRE Fund. (Photo: Supplied)

Northern Savings Credit Union has donated more than $50,000 to Prince Rupert and North Coast community organizations in recognition of International Credit Union Day on Oct. 20.

Recipients include Old Massett Village Council with a gift of $25,000 to create a gathering space and park in Tlaga Gawtlaas. The Island Wellness Society in Daajing Giids received$5,000 to fill their freezer to provide pre-cooked meals for new parents while teaching cooking skills and redirecting food waste. The Prince Rupert branch of Ecotrust Canada also received $10,000 to establish an urban farm to grow fresh produce for those in need and invite community members to plant, grow and harvest local food. Shames Mountain received $10,000 for generator heat recovery to reduce greenhouse gasses and operating costs.

“This year’s theme, “Empower Your Financial Future with a Credit Union,” speaks to how credit unions truly have the perfect business model to empower the financial futures of those in our communities and around the world,” NSCU stated in a press release.

“Credit Union day provides an opportunity to focus on the cooperative difference and why being a member matters.”

Gifts to local organizations come from the home-grown “INSPIRE” initiative, which is in its inaugural year and enhances the credit union’s current community funding program.

The Credit Union is no stranger to giving back, they stated. Northern Savings has provided close to $500,000 in local donations and sponsorships, 12,000 volunteer hours, and 54 bursaries to local students in the last five years.

The INSPIRE program specifically provides financial support to long-standing initiatives that reflect the vision of neighbours helping neighbours to build sustainable communities.

“The INSPIRE Fund would not be possible without the support of our more than 17,000 member-owners. It is our member’s deposits that we put back to work in the local community through loans to members and investments in local initiatives,” Stefan Delloch, Northern Savings president and CEO said.