North-end hospital partnership proposed

  • Oct. 22, 2003 7:00 a.m.

Masset, Old Massett and Port Clements are taking the first steps to building a new hospital to serve the north end of the islands.
The three villages signed a letter Oct. 15 to the Northern Health Authority, proposing a partnership between all four parties to design, build and operate a new health care facility.
Their initial proposal calls for the health authority to hire DNA and Associates to provide initial assessment and design development.
It goes on to propose that the three communities will finance and construct the facility, and that the health authority will agree to lease it and provide all equipment and professional services required.
“We believe that this unique partnership proposal will benefit the partnering communities by providing improved, integrated and coordinated health care in one modern facility, while at the same time eliminating the Northern Health Authority of a substantial financial burden in the form of capital investment,” the letter concludes.
Port Clements councillor Gerry Johnson, who signed the letter on behalf of his village, said it came out of a meeting last week with northern health officials.
“The health care authority CEO was there and wanted a letter from the three communities,” he said. “It shows our intent, that we’re interested in getting something done… It doesn’t tie us into anything right now but they needed this so they could get the study done.”