North-end TV to improve dramtically

  • Aug. 12, 2010 12:00 p.m.

Television service in Masset and Old Massett is going to get a whole lot better over the next several months, says MHTV technical director Mike McLeod. Mr. McLeod said the MHTV board has decided to go ahead and replace its aging equipment with new technology that will provide north end residents with more viewing choices, less maintenance problems and high definition service. “The equipment is 25 years old on the lines now,” he said. “It’s in very poor condition right now, we’re on the fringe of failure.” Mr. McLeod said the existing 330 megahertz system provides 45 channels, and that’s pushing its limits. It’s also plagued with maintenance issues. The new system will mean that MHTV can provide around 200 channels to its 400 to 500 subscribers. When all phases of the upgrade are complete, the society will be able to offer features like pay per view TV as well, he said. The new system won’t mean higher fees for customers, Mr. McLeod said. MHTV has been setting aside money for the past 30 years so that it could do an upgrade like this one day. However, the society might offer customers the option of getting more channels for a higher fee. “It’s going ahead, and we’ve got a lot of community support for it,” he said. “It’s a good thing for the community and it’s a good thing for the members.” Mr. McLeod said MHTV is looking for new board members as it only has four directors at the moment. If anyone is interested, they should leave their name at the MHTV office, he said.