Northwest Community College is on the move in Masset

  • Jul. 12, 2013 5:00 p.m.

submitted by NWCC-Northwest Community College is relocating its campus in Masset to Tahayghen Elementary School. The new campus is scheduled to open September 2013. The move strengthens the partnership between NWCC and School District 50 and both partners are excited about the co-location arrangement. Larry White, regional director for NWCC, says “this is an opportunity to collaborate in ways that have not been considered in the past.” “We’re always looking for innovative ways to work together with our learning partners,” says School District 50 superintendent Angus Wilson. “This is a win-win for the students, the school, and NWCC. I look forward to our further collaboration.” NWCC’s new campus will be located in the rooms that were once occupied by the StrongStart program, which is being relocated to a new space within the school. StrongStart will now have easier access to the playground as well as windows which open to the outside. Renovation work is currently under way to prepare space for use by the college and to ensure the safety and security of Tahayghen and StrongStart students. This will include designating a single entrance for NWCC students only, extending fencing to ensure the playground is inaccessible to NWCC students, and adding bathrooms into the NWCC space. NWCC students will not have access to the rest of the school. NWCC community education liaison Ruth Wheadon says that “this space sharing will enable more revenue for the school district which is important during a time of declining enrollment and reduced funding.” Residents of Haida Gwaii will be invited to the new NWCC campus for an opportunity to see the new space as well as to meet and mingle with college staff. Watch the Observer and other community announcements for more information. While work is underway to prepare the new campus space, if residents wish to communicate with NWCC, please contact Ruth Wheadon at 250-626-7738 or 250-559-7885, ext. 237.