Northwest politicians criticize Enbridge after US oil spill

  • Jul. 30, 2010 8:00 a.m.

Both Gary Coons and Nathan Cullen are criticizing Enbridge after the company’s pipeline in Michigan spilled 3.8 million litres of oil.”This latest Enbridge spill is a reminder that all the promises in the world from big oil companies can’t protect our rivers and coastlines if the BC Liberals let this pipeline go forward,” said North Coast MLA Gary Coons, “Instead of listening to British Columbians, who have said loud and clear that they are not willing to take this risk, the BC Liberals are pandering to one of their major campaign donors.””Enbridge has been mailing out glossy pamphlets claiming that their technology is so good nothing can go wrong,” said Skeena MP Nathan Cullen. “However, the major spill in Michigan is just the latest in a trail of leaks that has people questioning their promises.”Enbridge plans a twinned pipeline from the Alberta tar sands to Kitimat, a project that has been opposed by First Nations along the route and many islanders.”The Conservative government is bending over backwards to help oil companies expand with little regard for our environment. They are dismantling our environmental protections in spite of all the lessons showing things can and do go wrong – with devastating results,” Mr. Cullen said.The spill, detected July 26, deposited 3.8 million litres of oil into a Michigan river. Before that, the company has been cited for 30 enforcement actions by the US Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.