Odds ‘n Sods: Spring brings a change in clocks, mayors, and gardens

Someone I know had to take a second try at our driveway this morning.

As I write, enough snow is falling for the ‘snow-man’ to plow around town, clearing our roads just in case we receive another couple of inches. Someone I know had to take a second try at our driveway this morning.

Snow was clinging firmly to the south side of the trees first thing this morning. Usually we have a bit of snow in April, too.

In 1972 as I recall, we had about 12 inches (30 cm) of snow delivered overnight. We were living in our log cabin along the Chown River at the time. The snow was enough to marvel at and even take photos! We decided that since Richard couldn’t log in that much snow, and we were naïve enough to think it might last, we would go on vacation (Richard worked with Willy Wandle out near Tow Hill then). We never needed much of an excuse! Arriving in Osoyoos, where our parents lived, we were greeted like long-lost relatives! Kind of nice to feel so special. The secret to being appreciated really is to ‘get lost.’

We are officially in Spring Break, out of school from March 9 to 19. Remember to be even more careful than usual driving near parks, playgrounds and Bayview Market, where youngsters may be biking, playing, or just runnin’ around.

The Seniors Association has a potluck luncheon and meeting today at noon. Details of the very successful Cancer Fund Raising lunch and Loonie Auction will be available. Thank you to all the people who put in the time and gave so many items for the auction. Next on the Seniors’ agenda will be celebrating the Battle of Vimy Ridge, 100 years ago on April 8. Watch for posters.

After the seniors luncheon today, there will be a demonstration on using the defibrillator that lives on the outside of the multiplex for emergencies. Marilyn Bliss is the instructor and she told me it takes about 15 minutes for a demo. She will be available from 1 to 4 p.m. today (March 10).

Also today, Northern Savings Credit Union will be open in the council chambers from 2 to 6 p.m.

Sara’s Seedy Saturday is in the Port Community Hall on March 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Linda Lewis is the contact for vendor tables. MIEDs and the Farmers Institute collaborate to put on this springtime event. It’s a gathering of the seedy folks (haha, sorry guys) to share ideas and save seeds, and to sell locally produced products. My favourites are the local cheeses and jams. Lunch is provided also, mostly from locally grown foods. This is one of the most relaxing events of the year!

Daylight savings begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 12! The longer days will be very noticeable now although the Spring Equinox is not until March 20. This whole daylight-savings thing seems tedious to me. Is it passé to you too? Who do we ‘write’ to?

The next doctors services here in town are on Thursday March 16, and again on Tuesday March 21. We have a couple of our usual Port ‘Doctor Days’ that need to be shared with Masset, so we have to drive to Masset for our appointments. This is confusing, but I am confident they have not set it up just to frustrate us! These days are Monday, March 13 and Monday, March 20; Friday, March 17 and Friday, March 24.

The next council meeting is scheduled for March 20 at 7 p.m. Candidates for councillors are by acclamation: Brigid Cummings and Betty Stewart. The candidates for mayor are Chris Bellamy and Urs Thomas. All of these people are long-term residents. There is a meet and greet scheduled for March 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. The actual election for mayor will be March 25 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., with advance polls on March 15. All election events are at the Multiplex. Since I am away for both voting opportunities, I am trying for a mail-in ballot. We’ll see if that is works theoretically it is available!

Our winter children’s programs (Delta Club, Acobatic Dance, badminton) are finishing up for the season. Delta will start up again, God willing, in September 2017. The time is being cleared for another rambunctious soccer season!

The Post Office has a picture/poster up to recognize the passing of a dear friend of mine, Beatrice Matheson on Jan. 25. Thanks Urs. I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to stop by last September when I had my eyes done, to have a hug and a nice visit. Although she is in a better place, with a new perspective, I will always miss my friend Bea. Condolences go out to her many friends and relatives, and of course to Ben, her faithful caregiver during her cancer treatments.

Another season ofYarn Bombing is upon us! The theme is red and white yarn made into Afghans, which will be displayed on Canada Day (the 150th). If you wish to participate, phone Ann Logan (Wells) at 250-557-4518. Patterns and yarn will be supplied. I may even take some with me to the Okanagan “knit-on-the-go.” If I could only find my knitting needles!