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Officials from Victoria meet with local leaders

Two people from Premier Gordon Campbell's office met with a group of islands politicians Monday morning (March 28) in an attempt to resolve the week-long protest which has halted Weyerhaeuser logging activity here.
Port Clements mayor Dale Lore said he was pleasantly surprised by the attitude of the officials from Victoria.
"It was completely different from meetings we've had previously with government," he said. "They listened, they heard and we'll see what happens."
Haida Nation president Guujaaw, vice-president Arnie Bellis, hereditary chiefs, and Masset mayor Barry Pages were also at the two-hour meeting.
Mr. Lore said the protesters manning two roadblocks are there of their own accord and will not go home just because local leaders tell them to. They have three main demands, he said: that the province consult with the Haida Nation as directed by the Supreme Court of Canada, that resources here be managed from the islands and not from an office in Victoria, and that benefits from local resources flow to the local community.
Implementing the land use plan recommendations made by locals would go a long way towards meeting these demands, he said.