Oil spill closes Queen Charlotte clinic

  • Nov. 1, 2007 8:00 a.m.

The Queen Charlotte Medical Clinic has been closed indefinitely because of a home heating oil spill at the facility. Northern Health is asking all residents with appointments to come to QC Hospital instead. “We found a leak in the clinic’s oil tank, just outside the building, on Monday morning,” said Kerry Laidlaw, QC Hospital site manager. “Due to the resulting fumes, we have decided that the clinic needs to be closed until the spill can be completely cleaned up.” More than 800 litres of home heating oil leaked out before the spill was contained. The Village of Queen Charlotte has notified adjacent homes and businesses of the leak. Risk from the spill appears to be low. As a precaution, residents who smell fuel in their homes should leave their premises and contact the QCfire dept at 559-4488. Northern Health is working with both the local Queen Charlotte Emergency Preparedness program as well as the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP)to investigate the cause of the spill, and to coordinate its clean up. “I am very pleased at the quick response by Northern Health to this potential emergency, as well as the excellent coordination between NH, PEP and our local QC Emergency Preparedness group,” said Carol Kulesha, Queen Charlotte mayor.