Old Massett News

  • Dec. 31, 2008 3:00 p.m.

By Nijong legas ayahHappy New year! A new year is upon us and a host of new resolutions are started. The Christmas Classic basketball tournament was in full swing at press time. The tournament started off with 14 teams and was down to a handful by day four. One of the tournament organizers said the turnout is great but the slippery road conditions have caused some problems for visiting teams.On Monday morning an eagle once again hit power lines and caused some electrical delays with the scoreboard. All players are very happy with the feel of the new floor and the increased seating capacity can fit more spectators. Jason Majore the Band Administrator was on hand Monday to show all the improvements. The hall was originally opened in May, 1982 and has served the community well. There have been numerous potlatches, ball tournaments, weddings, memorials etc. over the years. When Jason started as administrator in 2006, the hall was in need of repairs. He secured funding in his first few months here and immediately went to work by hiring an architect and a construction manager. He also asked for and received input from residents as to what improvements they’d like. The result has been a $3-million upgrade with more improvements than can be mentioned within this article but I will try. Some villagers’ concerns were to do with heating. This was addressed by a new system which was about 25 percent of the total cost. The lighting was improved inside and out and the parking lot was paved as well. All the doors and windows were changed to improve heat loss and to make the hall more secure. There had always been complaints about the quality of sound and this was addressed by a new sound system and the installation of acoustic panels to help eliminate echoes. There was a new timeclock/scoreboard, put in and a new sprinkler system for fire suppression. The offices for the band workers were improved and much needed upgrades to equipment were done. There were many workers from the village hired in this endeavour and special trades that were brought in from off islands were put up in a local B&B further helping the economy in the village. More on the kitchen in next weeks issue.Starting soon will be the carving apprenticeship program. There are already 10 people signed up, and one of the teachers, Christian White, is looking forward to seeing new people take up the culture. One of the plans is to have the carvers do two poles for the front of the newly revamped hall. The culinary arts course moves into the kitchen in January, so come and check out the food.The Parnell and Drager families wish to thank all who gave support and compassion during their recent time of sorrow. Have a pleasant first week of the new year and try to keep those resolutions. (Mine is to lose the turkey roll I have added to the midsection ) How`aa Salanaas.