Olympics on the Charlottes coming

  • Aug. 31, 2005 8:00 a.m.

Submitted by Sarena Dobmeier–Although the athletes are four legged and furry, you’ve heard right. Smartpawz Pet Services is organizing a fun day for the dogs. Sarena is a local dog trainer who also works at the Queen Charlotte Animal Hospital. In her seven years on the islands she’s noticed many pets in need, and many people willing to help them. The two main organizations on the Islands are the QCI SPCA and the Masset Animal Helpline. Each spend $8,000 a year caring for those pets who have no one else. This is a huge expense for organizations which rely heavily on the generosity of others. This doesn’t even acknowledge the countless hours put in each day by the very few people dedicated to making life better for these animals.
Sarena, along with the generous help of the vet, Dr. Jeanette Perry, has organized a fun day for people to bring out their dogs to compete for prizes. The main goal will be to raise funds for the Masset Animal Helpline and the QCI SPCA. But Sarena would also like to use this day to emphasize the importance of exercise and giving your dog a job to do as a way of preventing problem behaviors. Sadly, many pets are given up, or worse neglected, before their first birthday because of problem behaviors. Many of these behaviors can be prevented with regular exercise.
The best thing about this day is that there are no restrictions. As long as your dog is on a leash he/she is welcome to attend and compete. All events have been set up so that any dog can perform the task. It’s not professional agility or obedience, it’s everyday activities for any dog on the Islands. It is jumping over or walking on logs, weaving around alder trees, running, fetching, and even bobbing for hotdogs. We want to see all dogs participate; old, young, long-legged, round ones, shaggy ones, everyone. Just by being on the field your dog could win one of the many prizes. Or pay the small fee per event and enter your dog to go for the gold. Thanks to the businesses that donated prizes, there are countless opportunities for medals and prizes to be won. Please come on out and support those who support the animals of the islands.
It all happens at the Tlell soccer fields. Sunday September 11. Gates open at 9 am.
Sarena would also like to ask one more time if you are able to help out by donating some time, prizes, cash, or even if you would like to set up a booth to please call her, 557-2058.