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On Taoist Tai Chi

Submitted by Beattie Maxen--After developing several serious health problems, Doug was looking for some form of exercise to improve the steadily worsening back problems he was having. He had always thought of tai chi as a Bruce Lee type martial art, quite unappealing as well as unattainable. Fortunately, accompanied by two long time friends, he decided to give it a try. Within a year he noticed improvement in flexibility, balance, strength and stamina. He feels this is due in great part to the emphasis on relaxing, gentle turning and stretching in the movements and exercises of the tai chi set. The friendly and supportive atmosphere of the classes has made the challenges of learning tai chi interesting and enjoyable.
"My teacher, Mr. Moy Lin-Shin, always encouraged us to speak from the heart. He taught that the heart of Taoist Tai Chi is compassion and that if we develop a consistent and sincere tai chi practice we can learn to tame the heart and heal the body. Here are a few words from two of our members who have received health benefit from their tai chi.
When I started Taoist Tai Chi about three years ago, I have severe osteoarthritis in my ankles. I declined the advice of surgery fifteen years ago. I was told then that the only alternative for my swollen ankles was diuretics or support hose. After a few weeks of tai chi exercises and movements my ankles stopped swelling. Now my balance is steadily improving. In a year or two (when I am seventy) I look forward to being able to perform the set with greater ease and agility. Tai Chi can increase ones energy and make most physical activities easier to do. As well, on another level, it can challenge ones mind and body to become more alert and relaxed". Benita Lambert.
For more information on this healing art and the Taoist Tai Shi Society try Web: or locally 559-8458.