On the picketline-comments from teachers

  • Oct. 7, 2005 4:00 p.m.

Why are you on the line?
On class size:
“I know why I’m here. I would have had 40 kids in PE (Physical Education). We don’t have 40 of anything in this small district. I would have had to have 20 sitting while the other 20 play.”

One teacher says she can’t teach science in the lab with 34 students. She says with buntzen burners and other chemicals at hand there isn’t enough space for safety. An appropriate size class would be 24.

Another teacher said to alleviate the class size situation, they had to split classes, but then cut senior electives like computers and law.

On collective bargaining:
“I’m here because four contracts have been imposed since 1993. We haven’t had a negotiated settlement.”

“It’s a fallacy that teachers are ready to strike at the drop of a hat, that’s not true. Teachers were holding minimal job action until Bill 12 showed up.”

On special needs
“No teaching assistant support for special needs.”

“They are falling through the cracks. Many are not identified or used to be funded and are no longer funded (for teaching support).”

“Kids are struggling and its easier to be angry and get in trouble then be asked questions they don’t know the answers toÂ…Then we lose them. If they had the support they needed we’d have less drop outs.”

On the positive side:
“Howa, to the man who brought us a box of cookies, asked if we wanted chairs and tarps!”