Painting, not paving this summer

  • Apr. 26, 2013 5:00 p.m.

There will be no major paving project on the islands this year, according to Randy Penner, operations manager of the Ministry of Highways in Terrace. “We’ve just had it evaluated here, and at this point we don’t have any plans,” he said, “(The pavement) is holding up very well at this point. That’s not to say it doesn’t need some repair.” He said the repairs will be done by the maintenance contractor, and added in low-traffic areas like Haida Gwaii, paving can last for 20 years. “We’re not quite at the half-way mark now,” Mr. Penner said. However, he did say the safety lines on the highway will be repainted early this summer, something that concerned Queen Charlotte council last year. In the past, the lines were painted every second year, but a new eco-friendly paint now being used doesn’t last as long as the older, solvent-based product. Mr. Penner says he is hoping to be able to paint the lines every year from here on in.