Party leader plans visit

  • Apr. 4, 2005 7:00 p.m.

Democratic Reform BC Party leader Tom Morino is planning on visiting the islands before the May 17 provincial election, and says there is “no question” there will be someone running for Democratic Reform in this riding.
He said that one of several possible candidates in the North Coast riding is a mayor from the islands.
The Democratic Reform Party is running under the banner of inclusion, and will be running at least six First Nations candidates.
“I have no strong political agenda,” said Mr. Morino, a defense lawyer from Victoria. “I want to help create a respectful and open-minded system of government.”
The current system is much too adversarial in its approach to First Nations issues such as treaty negotiations, he added, a problem that he thinks could be addressed by having more representation in the legislature.
Mr. Morino has also expressed his support for the Council of the Haida Nation’s campaign, especially the recent appeal to the Governor General.
“The province is refusing their moral and legal obligation to consult with the Haida,” he said, “and it has to stop.”
He said that although the Governor General is really a “figurehead” in Canadian politics, he thinks the appeal will have some effect.