Peeping Tom investigated

  • Sep. 3, 2004 7:00 a.m.

Queen Charlotte RCMP went to the home of a Skidegate woman early Friday morning (Sept 3) to investigate an alleged peeping Tom.
The woman came out of her home and said she discovered a man crouching outside at the base of a ladder. She called police and identified a suspect. Police are investigating.
Police are also keeping their eyes peeled to catch dirt bikes and quads riding illegally in the Spruce Point area. Many residents have complained about annoying noise from these off-road vehicles. Police say it’s a problem in the whole west end of Queen Charlotte.
Police are also investigating a vicious dog incident August 31 around 2:30 pm not far from K & K carpet in Queen Charlotte. A woman with two children and her dog on a leash said she was walking along Highway 33 when an unleashed dog accompanied by its owner attacked her dog badly enough to cause injury and draw blood. Recent changes to the livestock protection act have changed how they handle animal incidents, said police, but they are following up on the incident.