Pesuta yarn-bombing next week

  • Jun. 12, 2013 5:00 p.m.

by Sarah Peerless–Just over a week until the yarn-bombing of the Pesuta, and organizer Anne Wells says “it’s gonna be awesome!””We’re going to go out on the early morning tide… out to the Pesuta… and drape it with afghans!” she says. According to Ms Wells, “it’s down to the last nitty gritty” and she is optimistic enough people will show up on Friday June 21. Already she has seventeen afghans and expects to gain ten more by the time of the yarn-bombing. The event will start early in the morning at the shipwreck, they’ll spend most of the morning putting up the afghans, and at noon they will be taken down after plenty of pictures have been taken. Participants can spend the afternoon at the beach, and Ms Wells plans to leave that evening. Also at the event will be free hotdogs and a beach fire, compliments of Ms Wells. After the yarn-bombing, afghans will be displayed at the Tlell Fall Fair and eventually donated to charity auctions and needy households. “It’s a win-win,” Ms Wells says. Afghans range from sixteen square feet to thirty-six square feet.How to get them up there? “A big ladder!” Ms Wells says. None of the afghans will be attached to the Pesuta in any damaging way, and if necessary, they’ll strap the afghans together to keep them from falling off. Yarn-bombing is a very popular way to spruce things up, according to Ms Wells, and has been done for many years. “In true yarn-bombing, you leave the stuff up,” she says, but she worried about possible damage to the Pesuta and so her afghans will be taken down the same day.