Petition for Northern Expedition presented to Legislature

  • Mar. 1, 2010 6:00 a.m.

North Coast MLA Gary Coons has presented a petition from 765 islanders to the Legislative Assembly in Victoria, demanding that BC Ferries use the Northern Expedition on the Skidegate-Prince Rupert route rather than the Northern Adventure. The petition says the new Northern Expedition, which was designed specifically for rough north coast waters, is safer than the Northern Adventure, a second-hand ship previously used in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. The petition was organized shortly after an extreme incident in November, when the Northern Adventure attempted to cross Hecate Strait but returned to Prince Rupert after being caught in hurricane-force wind and waves for several hours. BC Ferries has apologized to passengers for the incident. Mr. Coons said it was good to hear that BC Ferries is improving communications with Environment Canada and with passengers as a result, but he is disappointed that the corporation isn’t releasing the full report of its investigation into the crossing.