Pilot error responsible for crash

  • Nov. 18, 2002 8:00 a.m.

The cause of that air ambulance crash in Sandspit last week appears to be pilot error, according to the plane’s operator.
“The crew failed to extend the landing gear during the final stages of the approach to land during strong and gusty wind conditions,” says Peter Shewring, Operations Manager of Canada Jet Charter, which owns the jet. A warning horn that would normally warn the pilots that the gear was not extended did not operate because of the high power setting required for the approach. Both pilots were experienced, and both are suspended pending a company investigation.
The accident happened at 8:50 pm Tuesday (November 12), when the plane, a Cessna Citation 550 twin-engine medivac jet, crash landed on the runway, on its way in to pick up a patient for transport to Vancouver.
More in the Observer on Thursday.