Police in Masset expect a good grad

  • Jun. 17, 2005 5:00 p.m.

With only 23 grads, Masset RCMP are not expecting anything out of the ordinary over the weekend.
Corporal Bob Isaacs says they aren’t putting extra manpower on as weekends are beefed up anyway.
He’s only been on the islands since October, so he didn’t experience grad last year, but at his last posting he got used to the trouble more than 200 grads could get.
But they will be on the look out for underage drinking and drunk driving. If youth are apprehended they will either go to jail, their liquor will be seized or tickets issued depending on their state of intoxication, he says.
Cpl. Isaacs is expecting adult chaperones organized by G.M. Dawson to help keep the young people in line.