Police warn about more break-ins

  • May. 4, 2007 7:00 p.m.

“It’s been open season on break and enters in Masset,” says Sergeant Jim Vardy of the Masset RCMP detachment.
Masset RCMP received 35 calls over the weekend, including eight vessels broken into and three residential break and enters.
One call came about a truck that was stolen from in front of a local hotel. It was recovered, but once again, the police have to warn people about not leaving their keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked. Eight more calls came in between Monday and Tuesday afternoon.
On Tuesday morning (May 1), police arrested a suspect in connection with several break and enters. He was identified through fingerprints found on an object recovered during a break and enter. Another invader was arrested after jumping out a second story window during a break-in last week.
Sgt. Vardy says he and his staff are working hard to get these charges forwarded to crown council and the culprits into the justice system.
“Hopefully the justice will see fit to keep these people in custody,” he says.
Meanwhile, a Masset resident who experienced an outrageous home invasion last week says poetic justice may have been served, after a thief broke open a safe to find nothing but ashes inside.
Mike Williamson came home from work last Tuesday (April 24) to discover that someone had thrown a rock through his bathroom window. His house had been completely rifled through: someone had bathed in his bathroom, made dinner in his kitchen, gone through the clothes in his closet, tried to watch a porn channel on his pay per view television and then attempted to log onto his laptop computer.
“It was horrible,” he said.
But worst of all, the thief also found his safe and took it into the backyard to break it open.
“I guess they thought they had hit the jackpot,” said Mr. Williamson.
The safe was dragged into the shed, where the culprit used half a dozen of Mr. Williamson’s tools, including his power drill, to destroy it.
But the safe did not contain money or jewels. It contained the cremated remains of a loved one – a just reward for the greedy thief, thinks Mr. Williamson, who is still recovering from the incident. He’s thankful that the ashes were left behind.
Mr. Williamson took last Wednesday off work in order to clean his house of the “dirty feeling of invasion,” he said. The thief had even used his shaver and shaving cream, things Mr. Williamson has now thrown out. The entire bathroom went through a bleaching more thorough than a spring clean.
The strange thing is that nothing much was stolen, said Mr. Williamson, who believes the culprit was looking for easy money or jewels.
He has since found a roommate, so that someone will always be home. But Mr. Williamson is angry that not only has he experienced an extreme violation of his privacy, but he is also out a day’s wages at work and the cost of the broken window.