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Poll-by-poll results: New Democrat Bachrach repeats Terrace election victory

Conservative Claire Rattée received the most votes in Thornhill once again
Skeena-Bulkley Valley candidates for the 2021 federal election (clockwise from top left): Taylor Bachrach (NDP), Jody Craven (People’s Party), Claire Rattée (Conservative), Lakhwinder Jhaj (Liberal), Adeana Young (Green Party), Rod Taylor (Christian Heritage). (Black Press Media composite image)

Skeena — Bulkley Valley NDP MP incumbent Taylor Bachrach repeated his 2019 federal election victory in Terrace over his chief rival, Conservative Claire Rattée, in the Sept. 20 election but lost Thornhill to her again, poll-by-poll results from Elections Canada reveal.

Bachrach, who won the riding overall for a second term in office, collected 1,335 votes in Terrace to Rattée’s 1,125 votes, while coming up short in Thornhill with 483 votes compared to Rattée’s 626.

Coming third in Terrace was Liberal parachute candidate Lakhwinder Jhaj with 278 votes while People’s Party of Canada candidate Jody Craven was fourth with 192 votes.

Craven did come in third in Thornhill thanks to 93 votes, just ahead of Liberal Jhaj’s 80 votes.

Christian Heritage Party candidate Rod Taylor took 51 votes in Terrace and 16 in Thornhill while Adeana Young of the Green party had 94 votes in Terrace and 40 in Thornhill.

Bachrach handily won the Kitsumkalum poll again with 126 votes while Rattée had 19, Jhaj eight, Craven six, Taylor two and Young five.

The Nass Valley kept to its traditional support of the NDP with 346 votes for Bachrach, 20 for Rattée, 341 for Jhaj, 4 for Taylor and 17 for Young.

Lakelse Lake voters chose Rattée over Bachrach by 73 votes to 29 with 16 for Jhaj, 14 for Craven, three for Taylor and five for Young.

Bachrach had 26 votes in Rosswood compared to 23 for Rattée, 7 for Jhaj, 7 for Craven, two for Taylor and five for Young.

Across the riding, Bachrach received 15,921 votes for 42.6 per cent of all the votes cast. Rattée received 13,513 votes or 36.1 per cent. Voter turnout was 55.7 per cent, less than the 62.7 per cent in the 2019 federal election.

In 2019, Bachrach received 16,944 votes or 40.9 per cent of the turnout with Rattée collecting 13,756 votes for 33.2 per cent of the turnout.

When comparing the 2019 results to 2021 and based on percentage of votes received, Rattée closed a gap of 7.7 per cent between her and Bachrach to 6.5 per cent this time around.

Liberal candidate Lakhwinder Jhaj and People’s Party of Canada candidate Jody Craven were tied on a percentage basis of 7.8 per cent although Craven received four more votes, 2,794 to Jhaj’s 2,790 votes.

Craven’s showing was much better than in 2019 when he received 940 votes or 2.3 per cent of the voter turnout.

Rod Taylor of the Christian Heritage Party, a perennial candidate, received 754 votes or 2.1 per cent of the turnout compared to 1,350 votes or 3.3 per cent of the turnout in 2019.

Green candidate Adeana Young received 1,355 votes or 3.8 per cent of the turnout. In 2019, Green candidate Mike Sawyer received 3,280 votes or 7.9 per cent.