Pool advocates meet Tuesday

  • Jan. 16, 2009 7:00 a.m.

At the first south-end swimming pool meeting there were eight people and at the last one there were 24, says Lea Olsen of Queen Charlotte. The next meeting is on Jan. 20 and Mrs. Olsen said the group is taking things one step at a time. There are lots of ideas, she said, but the key is to get a good collective group together and then look into the feasibility of the swimming pool idea. She says they’ve been given positive feedback from the school board on the possibility of attaching a pool to a school facility and they’ve been looking at operating costs at various facilities in the north, like in Smithers, Houston and Masset. She spoke cautiously about the possibility of building a pool, because she doesn’t want people to think it’s a done deal. Those who are interested should come to the next meeting at the SHIP in Skidegate on Jan. 20 at 7 pm.