Pool meeting Wednesday

  • Jan. 18, 2010 6:00 a.m.

Nearly a year and half after the island’s only public swimming pool closed, Julia Brobbel, coordinator of QCI Rec, says a meeting to discuss reopening it is set for Wednesday January 20 at the Old Massett Rec Centre. “The meeting is being held to explore what is needed and the costs associated with reopening the pool,” said Ms Brobbel, who explained the meeting would be a discovery meeting to assess costs that would have to be absorbed by communities and user groups wishing to use the facility if it were to reopen. The meeting has been awhile in the making as Ms Brobbel was exploring funding opportunities to help with costs. Despite the possibility of setbacks and high start-up costs, Ms Brobbel says that she’ll do her best to make it happen and will remain positive throughout the process. “It is not necessarily guaranteed that pool will be opened again,” she said, “it depends on (how much money) we can find for this, but, if we can, we hope to open it again by September or October this year,” said Ms Brobbel, who also told us that unfortunately it would be impossible to offer all the services like saunas and bowling, once provided through the centre. “I know a lot of people are going to be really disappointed about not having all of the services available but we have to be able to manage the costs. We have to ask is it feasible to raise the money each year and what will it cover? We will have to re-certify all our (life) guards, we will have to pay for the heating, and these costs are going to have to be split amongst the user groups, for instance PACs, and if it is more than a couple of thousand each month per group or PAC, is it going to be feasible? I don’t think it will be,” she said. Ms Brobbel hopes to open the pool temporarily for use by school groups.She said she will continue to seek funding for the project, and that everyone is welcome to attend the meeting at the centre. Contact QCI Rec at 626-5652 for more info.