Pool plans await warmer weather

  • Jan. 22, 2010 7:00 p.m.

Plans to temporarily open the swimming pool in Masset are on hold until winter is over. “We have to want until after any anticipated freezes, said Julia Brobbell of QCI Rec, following a meeting January 20 with the Greater Massett Development Corporation’s maintenance director. The pool has not been used for two years, and to get it operating again requires several complicated systems to function. “We need to fill up all the heating system to see if there are any leaks,” Ms Brobbel said, adding if that works, then they’ll check the seals, gaskets, motors and then the chlorination system. “We are just going step by step.” Ms Brobbel said 1000 litres of oil will be needed at some point if everything else checks out, adding “we are going to be looking for some serious money or find a generous donor.” She wants to open the pool for a few months in late summer or early fall to offer swimming lessons to school-age kids. GMDC has agreed to let the project proceed as long as it has to put no money into it. The pool’s systems will be tested once winter is over, starting in late March or early April. Ms Brobbel also said vandals have broken into the pool building, and there’s glass everywhere.”When it comes time to open up the pool, it will take some volunteer hours to clean up,” she said.