Poor postal service discussed in Port

  • Nov. 18, 2010 11:00 a.m.

Canada Post’s poor service to the islands came up for discussion again at Port council Monday evening. Council had just received a letter from the new Chief Executive Officer of Canada Post which says the post office is serving the islands just fine. “We remain committed to providing Island residents with excellent postal service and meeting our published delivery standards,” Stewart Bacon wrote on October 26. He also said that adding another carrier to provide more service is “not a practical option”, meaning, for the most part, the mail be move primarily by ferry this winter. Council members were not happy with the letter.”I am disappointed in his response to serious concerns about Canada Post service to the islands. He says ‘I understand very well your concerns’. Obviously, he doesn’t understand,” said Wally Cheer, while Cam Traplin said “It’s a joke. (Let’s) ship him off another letter saying service is not up to the standards it needs to be at this time.”Mayor Cory Delves said “It’s a matter of frustration in all communities. The notion of having strength in numbers might be the approach to take. Maybe we need, once again, to have a joint effort by all the communities.” Council will write back to Mr. Bacon and also discuss the issue with other elected leaders on the islands to try to get closer to a solution.Canada Post dropped airmail service to the islands just over two years ago and has been using BC Ferries since, slowing the mail considerably, even though the service meets the corporation’s standards.