Population may be down, but daffodils are up

  • Apr. 16, 2004 10:00 a.m.

Looks like there’s a bumper crop of daffodils out there this year! Here’s the latest in the Observer’s daffodil contest, as of Monday. The contest closes next Monday at noon (April 19), and we will be announcing our winners in next week’s issue. Phone your results in to 559-4680, toll-free 1-888-529-4747, fax them to us at 559-8433, or email us at observer@qcislands.net

Rick Grange, Tow Hill Road, 1,570
Linda Davies, Lawn Hill, 1,100
Gail and Jim Henry, Sandspit, 565
Jennifer Davies, Southeast Harbour, 492
Jack and Gloria Collier, Sewell Inlet, 471
Emily Goertzen, Masset, 319
Frieda Unsworth, Port, 315
Sylvie Stanko, Port, 292
Tamara Davis, Masset, 193
Kay Waring, Port, 175
Marilyn Podd, Tow Hill Road, 169
Fran Fowler, Charlotte, 168
Michelle Butler, Sandspit, 162
Archie Stocker, Port, 122
Terry Wiggins, Charlotte, 92
Eliane Feller, Tow Hill Road, 88
Virginia Hunter, Masset, 68
Terri and Daryl Russ, Masset, 49
Gladys Noddin, Charlotte, 45
Emma Ross, Queen Charlotte, 45
Carol Martin, Sandspit, 37
Colleen Beachy, Port, 28
Kimiko von Boetticher and Andrew Merilees, Masset, 26
Kelsey and Kostan Pelton, Skidegate, 25
Patsy Murphy, Skidegate Landing, 23
Liz Stocker, Old Massett, 21
Botels, Sandspit, 20
Karen Foerter, Charlotte, 15
Ed Robinson, Masset 14