Port accepts bid for office demolition

  • Feb. 25, 2009 10:00 a.m.

The village of Port Clements has awarded the job of salvaging the former village office building to C & C Beachy, after reviewing five bids. C & C Beachy was the low bidder, said village administrator Heather Nelson-Smith, submitting a bid of $3,992 to do the job. The other bids were $5,343 from RIAS Development, $6,800 from Berg mac Industries, $7,500 from Blackwater Excavation and $8,500 from Daryl Fish. The village doesn’t need the old building now that it has moved into the brand new multi-purpose complex across the street. The area where the old building now stands will be used for parking once the building has been removed. Council has also decided to hire local workers and businesses directly for the job of re-decking the big wharf, after reviewing several proposals from contractors. Ms Nelson-Smith said the village office is now reviewing resumes and will probably start hiring people by the end of the week.