Port Clements, Masset results

  • Nov. 17, 2002 8:00 a.m.

Dale Lore is the new mayor elect of Port Clements, topping the polls and unseating incumbent Joan Ann Allen. Mr Lore took 92 votes, Jean Traplin 70 and Ms Allen 61.

Elected to Port council are

Jukka Effraimson 135,

Gerry Johnson 131,

Lisa Gyorgy 100,

Paul Waring 95,

The following candidates did not receive enough votes to win a seat on council.
Travis OBrien 88,
Kathy Repp 84,
Dwight Welwood 70,
Wendy Quinn 67,
Mary Standbridge 62

In Masset, elected to council are

Janet Brown 216,

Rollie Wheeler 193,

Lorrie Joron 182,

Ed Woode 179,

Mayor Barry Pages was unopposed and is acclaimed.

Kimiko von Boetticher 160, and Fraser Earl 91, did not receive enough votes to be elected.

Results for Queen Charlotte and Sandspit as they are available later this evening
This posted at 11:25 pm