Port resident happy after problem solved

  • Jun. 22, 2005 5:00 a.m.

Casey Lapka happily followed the pilot car through the paving zone on Highway 16 between Skidegate and Port Clements last week, as she has through many construction zones.
It wasn’t until she got home and found her car splattered with gooey black oil that her feelings changed.
“I was very upset,” she says.
Not knowing who to call, she dialled the newspaper, to demand something be done.
At least four drivers have faced a similar experience on the road since paving began, the Observer has since learned.
Brian Twiname, the project supervisor with the Ministry of Transportation says the oil used is emulsified with water. When it rains it goes back to liquid and runs across the lanes.
He says the contractor, Steve Hubbard of Dawson Construction, is taking care of anyone’s car that needs cleaning.
Mr. Twiname says the solvent used is citrus-based and won’t hurt a car’s paint.
“If you try to clean it yourself without a proper solvent and there is dust or dirt in there, that will scratch your paint,” he says.
Ms Lapka got a hold of Mr. Hubbard at 557-4761 and is happy once again. She gives a thumbs up to the company for taking responsibility for people’s cars.
The current schedule is the paving will be done by July 21. But that is weather dependent, says Mr. Twiname.