Port to search for derelicts (buildings, that is)

  • Mar. 20, 2013 12:00 p.m.

The search is on for derelict buildings in Port Clements. Council members voted Monday (March 18) to put together a list of possible derelict buildings that the village may be able to tear down, or convince property owners to demolish. The village did have some success last year in getting rid of one old and unsafe house on Bayview Drive, but the process is a lengthy one. Another house that was identified as derelict ended up being sold in September’s tax sale, so the process has been put on hold for a year in that case. Councillor Kazamir Falconbridge said four buildings came to his mind immediately, including an 80-year-old uninhabited house hidden behind trees on Dyson Street and one on property owned by his brother, which he called “a pile of junk”. Mr. Falconbridge said it was important to communicate with the owners before making decisions about which buildings may be derelict. He suggested approaching owners of problem structures and explaining that council would like the town to look better. “It’s all about cleaning up the town, it’s not about tearing down buildings,” he said. “I would suggest the list not be called ‘derelict buildings’… or ‘eyesores’… It’s a list of properties we’re identifying in order to identify safety issues and beautify the town.” Administrator Kim Mushynsky told council members that safety is the only factor that should be considered when it comes to derelict buildings. “Under the Community Charter, it will be safety that will give us the authority to do anything,” she said. Council members agreed to all make a list of structures they consider possible issues, and then hold further discussions.