Porta-potties could wipe away problem, council told

  • Jul. 8, 2009 5:00 a.m.

Several incidents of indecent exposure at the boat ramp in Queen Charlotte have prompted complaints to the village office, chief administrative officer Eunice Ludlow told council on July 6.Adding two porta-potties may solve the problem, she said. “There have been the most interesting sightings down there,” she said at the recent council meeting.People coming in off boat trips may forget they are in a public place, she said. Both women and men have been sighted. In a city, they would likely be charged with indecent exposure, she said.Mayor Carol Kulesha said the village has been aware of the problem for a while. “We can’t just say ‘Don’t’ and not have another option,” she said.Ms Ludlow and public works superintendent Ben Greenough have investigated the area and determined that if porta-potties were not made available, a carefully-worded sign prohibiting certain behaviors would have to be erected.Ms Ludlow also said a large alder tree, with its roots exposed to the sea, may have to be removed as well.Councillor Leslie Johnson wanted to know why the tree had to go and was told that it is aging and potentially unsafe.Ms Ludlow also noted that the porta-potties would have to be placed somewhere that wasn’t front and centre for aesthetic reasons. Ms Johnson was concerned about whether the facilities were the type that could be knocked over. Ms Ludlow assured her that the outhouses would be of a more sturdy construction, but would need to be pumped out on a regular basis.Ms Kulesha suggested that staff research the type of composting toilets being used at Jungle Beach before making decisions about which kind to buy.