Potato back, money in (food) bank

  • Nov. 9, 2009 8:00 a.m.

The huge Haida potato that went missing from the Gwaii Haanas office just before Halloween has been reunited with its grower. Carey Bergman, who works at Gwaii Haanas as a terrestial ecologist, said she was “happy but confused” following the return of Sgaawsid K’uuljaad, the Boss Lady Potato, on Nov. 6. Dr. Bergman said Boss Lady Potato came back in a plastic bag with a bunch of little baby potatoes after being found at the ferry landing. The mysterious return, combined with some fresh YouTube footage of Boss Lady frolicking at a party with another large Haida potato, has Dr. Bergman wondering if the spud really was kidnapped. That’s what she had thought after receiving several ransom demands for the potato’s return. But she now believes that was possibly a coverup for a week-long “emotional escapade” with a good-looking single potato. The story doesn’t end there. When Dr. Bergman brought Sgaawsid K’uuljaad home, she found another large Haida potato on her kitchen counter. That potato came from the garden of Sara Eaton, one of the founders of the islands food security group. The two potatoes are now nestled down for the winter in Dr. Bergman’s fridge, awaiting spring planting. The baby potatoes have already been planted. Gwaii Haanas staff raised $61.66 towards Boss Lady Potato’s ransom, and Dr. Bergman said the money is being donated to the local food bank.