Potholes, lighting improving in Queen Charlotte

  • Feb. 21, 2003 3:00 p.m.

The management committee heard updates on two issues it has recently worked to improve in Queen Charlotte.
Office manager Debra Uliana told the committee that BC Hydro’s Frank McGowan visited the water/sewer office Feb. 14. She said she was impressed by his prompt attention to the issue of light repair and installation in Queen Charlotte, once he was aware of the problem.
Chair Ron McKee told the committee he met with Al McKeen of the Ministry of Highways to discuss the pothole issue. Mr. McKeen said Highways expects maintenance contractors to be pro-active about finding effective repair materials if the recommended ones don’t work. Mr. McKee said this was in fact what O’Brien’s was doing with a new application of a more expensive cold-asphalt mix to repair potholes and worn road shoulders.
Sergius DeBucy, who regularly attends committee meetings and who brought the pothole issue to Mr. McKee’s attention, congratulated the committee on its initiative to resolve the problem of lights and potholes in Queen Charlotte.