Pressure for bank machine continues

  • Jul. 16, 2010 12:00 p.m.

A bank machine in Sandspit would cost a lot of cash. That’s what Moresby Island Management Committee member Robert Chisholm found out when he spoke with the Northern Savings Credit Union manager Debbie MacMillan about the possibility of getting a full-service unit in Sandspit. He was told the unit would cost the NSCU $40,000 and that they would have to have their staff fill it with cash as well as ensure the deposits were verified every day. The location of an Automated Teller Machine could also incur extra costs, as the machine would have to be in a secure area. Ms MacMillan said she proposed a White Label withdrawal only machine to SuperValu management, but hadn’t heard back. Mr. Chisholm told other MIMC members at the July 14 meeting that a “White Label” ATM would be convenient for those who only want cash, but it would still not alleviate the costs for Sandspit credit union members who have to go to Queen Charlotte to do their banking. He said a full-service machine, which allows for withdrawals, deposits, statements and transfers, could provide employment and reduce the costs of doing business with the NSCU. A White Label machine usually charges a $2 fee for transactions and Mr. Chisholm suggested that NSCU charge for transactions in a full-service machine. “Even if they charged for the transactions, it would be better than going back and forth to Queen Charlotte,” said Mr. Chisholm. The committee decided to send a letter to the board of directors of the credit union asking for a full service ATM for Sandspit. At present there is no bank machine in Sandspit. Many people cash their cheques a SuperValu, but in the winter, when there isn’t as much cash in the community, there is often a waiting list.