Progress made on Port building

  • May. 30, 2007 9:00 a.m.

Both the school board and Port Clements village council have endorsed a final floor plan for the new multi-purpose building. The building will now include two regular classrooms and a kindergarten classroom, a kitchen, library, council chambers and village office, a meeting room for seniors or others, and space for a daycare. The revised floorplan is divided into three areas: school facilities, municipal facilities, and shared facilities. It allows the school to be completely locked off from the more public part of the building, and has separate washrooms for the students and the members of the public who come in to use the library or meeting room. The building will be built on a portion of what is now the school field, close to the corner of Cedar Street and Park Street. The school portion is located at the north end of the building, closest to the existing school gym, which will continue to be used. The municipal portion of the building has an entrance off Cedar Street, just across the road from where the village office is now located. “As far as I know, everybody is pretty happy and pleased with it,” Port Clements trustee Lisa Gyorgy said at the May 22 school board meeting. The building will replace Port Clements elementary school, which requires an expensive heating and ventilation system upgrade and seismic upgrades, and is also too large for the number of students now attending. The new building will also replace Port’s village office and community hall. Port administrator Terry McMullon said the village has not yet decided what to do with the old buildings once they are no longer needed.