Protest underway at Tow Hill Road

  • Aug. 28, 2006 4:00 p.m.

Monday, 4 pm-We are receiving word of a protest underway at Tow Hill Road, where the NIHO Land and Cattle Company is trying to put in hydro and a new road on a piece of land it is developing.
“People are really upset,” said Tow Hill Road resident Meredith Adams. “We want consultation.”
Another protester told the Observer that people are furious about the lack of consultation and the destruction of the forest canopy.
Observer reporter Jana McLeod said about 30 people have assembled where the clearing work was underway, and have stopped a feller-buncher from working.
A large chunk of trees has already been taken down, she said.
Ian Hetman, the regional district director who represents the area and a Tow Hill Road resident, said he spoke to the protesters just a little while ago.
The property in question is privately owned, he said, and there is likely little that anyone can do about the development.
Mr. Hetman said he enjoyed relative privacy on his own property for 11 years, but knew that the day would come when he would get neighbours. Now, the lots to the west of him have all been sold and buildings are going up.
People who don’t like what is going on need to get organized and let government agencies know of their opinions, he said.
Meanwhile, there is a meeting of the Tow Hill Road Standing Committee Tuesday night at 7 pm at the Trout House Bakery, where this issue will be further discussed.