Provincial report is more mischief, says CHN president

  • Jun. 5, 2006 9:00 a.m.

The provincial report outlining two scenarios for the logging industry on the islands is “clearly more mischief” on the part of the province, which may be trying to divide islands’ communities, according to Guujaaw, president of the Council of the Haida Nation.
The report, “Socio-Economic and Environmental Assessment of HG/QCI Land Use Viewpoints”, was made public by the province last Thursday.
It was quickly denounced by the CHN as full of errors, including pegging the population of the islands at 37-percent Haida.
Guujaaw says there was clearly misleading information put in the report, “Â…either to strengthen a negotiating positionÂ…’ or to “ wedges between the communitiesÂ…”
“They insisted on releasing this document in spite of the fact that we showed them errors all the way through,” Guujaaw said.
He also said releasing the report is a setback in his perception of what the province is up to.
“I thought that we had matured beyond this in our relationship,” Guujaaw said.
But he says negotiations with the province, which began following the Islands Spirit Rising blockade a year ago, will continue. “We are trying to keep moving on this,” he said, “We did advise them they’ll have to make corrections and potentially (we could) take legal action on it.”
The Observer will publish more comments from the CHN president on Thursday, along with an indication of what the CHN believes are the errors in the report.