QC council explains termination of chief administrator

  • Oct. 23, 2009 11:00 a.m.

by Jeff King–Queen Charlotte council has offered an explanation of why it ended the employment of chief administrative officer Eunice Ludlow earlier this week. On Friday afternoon, village council issued the following statement:”It is with regret that the Mayor and Council of the Village of Queen Charlotte have terminated the employment agreement with their CAO. The termination is “without cause” and reflects not a particular incident but an inability to go forward in a constructive, working relationship.The employment agreement states that under these circumstances Ms. Ludlow will be paid six months salary as well as unpaid vacation. There is a cost to the Village of $47,151.14. Mayor and Council in attendance at the October 19th special council meeting understand the seriousness of the situation and the financial considerations but have voted unanimously in what they believe is the best interest of the Village.” The statement was signed by Debra Uliana, Acting Chief Administrative Officer. Ms Ludlow worked for the village for just under a year, from November 18 last year until this week. In an telephone interview with the Observer, Mayor Carol Kulesha said the village is abiding by its employment agreement. She said the $47,151 the village expects to pay is before legal expenses. “That’s what was in the employment agreement as to what is owed,” she said. “We will have some legal fees as we ask our village counsel (lawyer) what is the proper way to respond,” Ms Kulesha said. she did not want to comment on how much those fees might be. Ms Ludlow told the Observer last week that she expects to receive her own legal advice to negotiate a severance package considerably greater than the village’s. Ms Ludlow also said issues between herself and the village included a disagreement over moving expenses and incompatibility in styles between herself and the mayor. The Observer asked Mayor Kulesha if she could give some examples of the inability to go forward in a constructive working relationship mentioned in the village’s statement.”I am not at liberty to say,” she said. The village will soon be advertising for a new chief administrator, and the mayor says she doesn’t think the search will be harmed by the termination of Ms Ludlow.