QC council supports cancelling sailings

  • Nov. 21, 2007 8:00 p.m.

BC Ferries has asked for Queen Charlotte Village Council’s feedback on a proposal to cancel two Christmas sailings to Prince Rupert. This year, Christmas Eve (Dec. 24) falls on a Monday and Christmas Day (Dec. 25) is on a Tuesday. BC Ferries would like to cancel this return trip to allow staff to enjoy holiday time with their families. Matthew Burns, employee and community relations advisor with BC Ferries, writes in an email addressed to Mayor Carol Kulesha that cancelling the sailings would be preferable to “running the vessel empty in both directions.” Mayor Kulesha said at the Nov. 19 council meeting that in the past QC council has approved these cancellations. She said last year council asked that a list be kept of those who made reservation requests after the sailing was cancelled. “Virtually no one was interested in sailing on Christmas,” Ms Kulesha said. Councillor Greg Martin said he was on the Christmas Day sailing last year and it was not crowded. “But it was romantic,” he said. He made a motion to support cancelling of the trips. Before the motion was seconded, Councillor Gladys Noddin asked whether this request for input went to all the other councils on the islands. Mayor Kulesha said she was not sure, but suggested they could advise BC Ferries to inform other councils. Councillor Kris Olsen was concerned that any cancellations not impact the delivery of groceries. “We want to make sure there is milk for Christmas,” he said. Last year, storms kept the ferry away until the day before Christmas, leaving many scrambling to find festive dinner supplies like Brussels sprouts and whipping cream. Mayor Kulesha said she did not know how the weather might play into any cancelled sailings this year. Council voted to support BC Ferries proposal.