QC Management Committee working to improve roads

  • Jan. 27, 2003 7:00 p.m.

The Queen Charlotte Management Committee is working to improve the state of the roads in the community.
Chair Ron McKee met with representatives of O’Brien’s Road and Bridge to discuss why Queen Charlotte has so many potholes and how to fix them.
“Most of us go from point A to point B and its usually just a short sprint onto the main street which is beautiful now, but if we took a good look at the side streets, we’d see a lot of potholes,” said Mr. McKee at the committee’s January 22 meeting.
One problem is that not all property owners realize they are responsible for maintaining their driveways, even on the public portions where the driveway meets the road. Another is that O’Brien’s is obligated to use repair materials specified in the Ministry of Highways manual, but the material they use erodes quickly due to the high rainfall in Queen Charlotte, said Mr. McKee.
The committee will write a letter to Al McKeen of the Ministry of Highways with a map identifying all the potholes in Queen Charlotte. They will suggest that Highways consider using a more effective material to fill the potholes.
The committee will also request a list of all the roads in town that are Highways’ responsibility. The road maintenance contract will be renewed soon, and the committee hopes to get more roads included.