QC water system holding its own, for now

  • Aug. 19, 2009 8:00 p.m.

Queen Charlotte is still able to provide sufficient water of a reasonable quality to its water users, but the time for being concerned is not over. The village’s Chief Administrative Officer Eunice Ludlow told council Monday evening that last week, 46-percent of the village’s water came from Tarundl Creek, which greatly reduced the amount of salt in the water. Salt was measured at 120 milligrams per litre last week, way below the over 300 coming from one well, and well within limits, Ms Ludlow told council.She also noted the organic content in the creek will increase in the next few weeks, as fish move up it and leaves fall, and this will complicate the treatment process. Ms Ludlow said village staff is working on a detailed emergency plan in case the water situation deteriorates. Water restrictions remain in effect in Queen Charlotte, and will until substantial rain falls, which could be as late as October or even November.